This is not a good time for middlemen.

Everywhere you go, people are speaking against the middlemen, the intermediaries. You know, they point with the finger and say: “that go-between”. So why is it that I want to offer myself exactly as that? Well, when it comes to production, the middleman can be very helpful, you know?
Specially a middleman like me.

Ive been working in production in Prague for 20 years. I don’t have to tell you; you probably know me. And in all this time Ive been lucky enough to meet a lot of very talented people. And you know what talented people are seeking to do all the time? Well, they want to meet other talented people. Its obvious. They have projects, ideas, things to “realize”. So they need help. Hands to make their dreams happen with the highest quality possible. So this is my mission now. I connect talented people with complementary backgrounds, in order to produce great work. I call them, tell them about the projects, introduce themselves… and let them do. The fact that I am not a company, allow me to do it with the best economic conditions possible. So lets make things clear: in production, “middleman” can be something that stands in the way when it comes to do better.
But “Petr”, believe you me, is the right way to go.

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